Relax and Heal: Guided meditations to prepare for surgery and to speed recovery


If you are scheduled for surgery, you are not doomed to panic nor loss of control. The science is clear: You can take a more active role in this mind–body drama and plan for a positive outcome.

Drawing on Felix Scardino’s 30 years of experience assisting patients through surgery, this recording can help you change your attitude and mood to hasten your recovery. The meditations are designed to help you relax, lessen pain, decrease the incidence of complications, and activate your body’s natural healing system.

Recorded at Rock Romano’s Red Shack Recording Studio in Houston, Texas.

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“These meditations were so helpful when I was facing hip replacement surgery. For several evenings before surgery I listened to the reassuring words that gradually helped me to relax and become confident that my surgery would be successful and that recovery would be quite manageable. I am pleased to say that the surgery was successful and the recovery quite manageable. While I am thankful for the skill of my surgeon and his team, this recording played a large part in my positive outcome.”


“Being very concerned about my upcoming heart bypass surgery, I contacted Felix Scardino, who sent me a series of meditations designed to help me through the process. I found his use of healthy visualization for both before the surgery and while healing to be amazing. My surgery went very well, as did my recovery. Much better than others who have gone through the same surgery. I have not had any of the complications I have heard of others having, and my healing is ahead of schedule according to my physician.”


“Felix’s meditations were invaluable to me as I prepared for and recovered from surgery. Rather than be consumed with fear and anxiety, I was able to harness that nonproductive energy into healing energy. Both meditations begin with a relaxation and mindfulness focus. The preparation for surgery meditation goes on to help us view the hospital and team as there to enhance our well-being. It greatly reduced my fear. The recovery meditation helps us utilize our healing system of ‘highly organized cells’ whose purpose is to reconstruct and repair damaged cells. We have only to assist in this process rather than impede it.

“I whole heartedly recommend these meditations to family and friends who are anticipating or recovering from surgery.”



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