This course will give you tools to:

●  Support yourself through life’s rough and unpredictable changes—career, relationships, divorce, grief.

●  Find your niche, your sense of purpose, your passion.

●  Fire your imagination with creative thoughts.

●  Improve your health through practices that reduce stress and encourage healing.

Here are some of the tools we will use:

●  Guidedimagery

●  Journaling

●  Writtendialogue

●  Mind mapping

Composing Your Life

Through discussion and guided exercises you will be offered practical ways to use your creative potential on a daily basis, clarify your intentions and relate them to your vision, meaning and purpose. You will uncover the self-regulating nature of your life as you generate new ideas and solutions. You will also learn practices that reduce stress and encourage healing.

When: Mondays, October 3 through November 7, 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Where: The Jung Center, 5200 Montrose, Houston TX 77006
Fee: Members: $330.00 / Non-members: $360 (Includes 75-page workbook & CD)

Total Clock Hours: 18.00
Total CE Hours:      18.00
Registration: Call the Jung Center: 713-524-8253

Online: http://bit.ly/composingyourlifeoctober

OR: Call the Jung Center: 713-524-8253.

This course is based on Felix’s book, The Pebble and the Canyon: Reflections on Composing Your Life. Available on Amazon.

Felix Scardino offers readers practical tools to search and discover the depth of their own wisdom. Moving beyond simple positive thinking, he serves as a trusted guide along the rocky terrain of our inner and external lives.

The Pebble and the Canyon: Reflections on Composing your Life, helps brief the gap between those two worlds, ultimately leading us toward greater utilization of our creative center.”

~John Bradshaw, NY Times best-selling author