The Wolves Within

the wolves within
The mind grows by what it feeds on~Josiah G. Holland

This quotation reminds me of a Native American story in which an elderly Cherokee teaches his grandson about life. The grandfather said that there is a terrible fight inside of him. The fight is between two wolves, one urging him toward peace, love, self-confidence, and compassion. The other drives him toward revenge, regret, self-pity, and resentment. The grandson asked, “Which wolf will win?” The grandfather replied: “The one I feed.”
The two wolves, in the form of both helpful and destructive thoughts, sit at the doors of our minds daily. If we feed the ones we want by focusing on them, the unwanted ones will die of starvation. It seems simple enough; except that the undesirable beggars can be as hidden as termites, busy doing their dirty work before we know it. Here are a few preventive tips: 
  1. Get an early start. In the morning while your head is still on the pillow, check out your thoughts and ask, “Which wolf will accompany me today?”
  2. Throughout the day feed the one you want by choosing thoughts that are creative and inspiring.
  3. Draw your day to a close by again checking out your thoughts as your head sinks back to the pillow. Ask yourself,  “To which wolf today did I extend the most hospitality? Which thoughts would I like to accompany my sleep, and tomorrow’s activities?” With each round of the cycle you’ll feel a bit more confident.

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